Soft Watercolour Background Brushes for Procreate

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A while back I made some Soft Watercoloury Background Brushes that I used to add texture to my graphic design projects for school. These are my favourite go to brushes whenever I need to spice up a boring background or add a Watercolour-like effect to them! They're soft and subtle, and make your designs look more interesting!

Brushes 01- 06 are soft, wispy, and light; they make a background look more interesting and adds a lot of texture and depth to your designs!

Brushes 07- 12 are slightly more defined and creamy; I often use them as light washes or at the corners of my work.

Brushes 13-18 are the finishing touches; they are my favourites, and mimic real watercolour blooms or washes. (Especially 14 and 15!)

I made 18 Brushes, and I'm giving them away because I didn't want them to come to no use sitting dry in my brush library :< hopefully they're of use to anyone! 

666 ratings
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Soft Watercolour Background Brushes for Procreate

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