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Gouachey Brushes for Procreate

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I've always loved traditional gouache, and I loved the way you can layer endlessly layer on paint to create cute illustrations. Inspired by traditional gouache, I made a brush set that tries to mimic the feel of it-- with a twist :) Included are 19 gouache brushes I made, as well as a flowy blender I love to use!

Each brush has its own little small variation- some are more watery than others, so you're able to combine both styles (watercolour and gouache) when painting!

  • To get a more Gouache- like effect, my go to's are and .
  • For a more Diluted/Watery effect, and are my favourites!
  • For additional texture, I use 4, 6, and 17!
  • My personal favourites are and -- they have the most traditional feel and sometimes I only use them for my paintings for school :)

However, these can all be used in any way you'd like to! (You can combine them with my other brushset too :) I hope they'll be of use to anyone! Please let me know if you find them helpful! 

Thank you for your support!! <33

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Gouachey Brushes for Procreate

101 ratings
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